God is Moving

Hello Church Family!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently! We are out the door early and in the door late. Here is a brief summary so far.

Day 1

When we arrived we were welcomed by the warm embrace of the Filipino weather. Worn down, achey, and confused, we were very happy to settle into the hotel.

Our first day was filled with eating new foods, exploring the city of Cebu, and lots and lots of rush hour traffic! I never thought we could long for the smooth sailing of the 101 freeway.

IMG_3324 2

Day 2

Our first engagement was to the marriage seminar “Married for Good.” 30 couples came out to hear what Pastor Peter and Dr. Karen had to say and, though they may have arrived with mixed ideas, couples left unified and refreshed in their marriage.

IMG_3365 2

Later the same day, we made our first conections with the young adult christians of the Cebu area. It was an exciting time worshipping and speaking with them. There are many young adults anxious to serve God more.

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We are off and running again! A new update to come soon. Please pray for the team as we face fatigue, sleep deprivation, and a range of emotions as we work and reflect. Pray for the people as they digest what they have learned. And pray for all of us as we try to make meaningful relationships with each other.

God speed,


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