Cebu Reflections

IMG_20150729_104717_573Hello again Church family!

We have landed safely in Manila and we are on our way to the hotel. Since traffic is so unforgiving, it seems as good a time as any to reflect on Cebu a bit.

Our team members have noted the passion found in so many of the church memebrs here. A special final night together with the young adult leaders was heart wrenching when we said goodbye because they have impacted us deeply. We met the local EV Free Pastors the day before and, knowing they are ready to better support their young adults, it looks like exciting things are around the corner. 

Young adult leaders in Cebu

Please continue to pray for our team and our brothers and sisters in Cebu. We press on, now, with the people of Manila. Also, please pray for Nate as he travels home (as planned) to the loving arms of his wife.

On behalf of the team,


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