Slowing Down

Hello Church family!

The past couple of days have been very interesting. My description of the traffic in the last post was an understatement. Friday traffic made Wednesday and Thursday feel like an open freeway.

That being said, we have been slowed in many ways. Traffic itself prevented Peter and Karen from attending one seminar. Sickness has left Cree (Christian) confined to the hotel room for two days. Fatigue is beginning to settle in among the rest of us. Even the internet is slower! Please pray as we push through the weekend before coming home on Monday.


Now, I would like to share one story from Friday:

During the Young Adult seminar, a young man expressed his concerns about talking to new people in the workplace because approaching them generally means you want something in return. I rememebered noticing how unresponsive people were on the street, though rather open to conversation when in a room as long as I was friendly. I see now it is not a normal thing to be trying to socialize with strangers (I know, I should know this already, but this is an incredibly relational culture). It seems starting is the hardest part. So, please pray with me for our young adults who try to strike up conversations in the workplace. They are being brave and countercultural for the sake of spreading the gospel.

On behalf of the team,


P.S. The picture was taken before 6:00 am and does not reflect normal traffic conditions.

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