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Hello America (and church family)!

We have all landed safely back in the states and have rested in our own beds. Thirteen days flew by as if no time passed at all. It makes you wonder if it made any difference at all.

But perish the thought! Allow me to provide a few practical evidences to inspire certainty, in hopes of encouraging you all. First off, the leaders of  the churches received valuable advice and guidance from experienced minister Peter Lim. Secondly, Dr. Karen Quek led dozens of couples through the process of taking a closer look at their marriages. Third, over one hundred young adults were taught what it means to share God in their workplace and serve him with their work. Lastly, we were able to get a better picture about the way in which we can partner with ministry in the Philippines.

However, most of this could have been shared via e-mail or video calls. So, why send a team? Here are a few more evidences to speak to that point. Karen, in particular, deeply impacted the lives of the young women among the young adult leadership team. Her impact became apparent when the girls would rave about her and also during the emotional “goodbye” in Cebu city. Peter had many individual conversations with present and future church leaders, the meaningful impact of which was made clear when one pastor became choked up trying to thank him and the team in front of his congregation. Towards the end of our time in each city, Matt, Callie, Cree, Nate, and the rest of the team received countless requests to take pictures, shake hands, and return as soon as possible. The young adults began greeting us as “Ate” (AH-teh) and “Kuya” (KOO-ya), which mean “big sister” and “big brother” as a show of respect and the closeness they felt with us.

I submit these evidences to you, church family, as answered prayers. Thank you for your continued support throughout the entire process. We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful faces again and eating In-N-Out together. Feel free to ask us about the people we met and the things we saw.

There’s no place like home (wherever that may be),


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