About Us

Our Mission / Vision / Values

Our mission is to develop a church that will strategically be evangelistic in reaching all ethnic groups in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. We want to plant a church that fulfills the Great Commission and models heaven–a heaven without distinctions of race, culture, or language; a church that will represent all the nations.

Please pray for the healthy development of this church. Our desire is to fulfill the Great Commission by planting a church that will be multi-ethnic so in turn we can be Christ’s ambassadors to all the nations.The DNA: 
Multiethnic, Missional, Multiplying.

The Mission: To make and equip disciples of all nationalities to be Christ’s Ambassadors to all the nations by loving God, one another, and the world

The Vision: To become a transformissional church by growing people in depth through spiritual transformation and in breadth through missional living to all people

The Values (8 C’s):

  • Celebration
  • Communication
  • Community
  • Care
  • Creativity
  • Connection
  • Compassion
  • Church Multiplication


1. Connect, 2. Grow, 3. Serve, 4. Multiply

This strategy of progression in developing Christ’s Ambassadors is demonstrated in programs with the primary purposes of upreach, inreach and outreach.

Connect: Helping people connect to Christ, our Church and each other AND helping the church connect to the community

Grow: Helping others grow in their walk as a fully devoted Ambassadors through The Word, Worship, Prayer, Fellowship, & Sharing in Small Groups

Serve: Helping Ambassadors find their calling and purpose in God’s kingdom

Multiply: Helping Ambassadors multiply other believers and churches