Sermon Podcast

Grace in Speech

Pastor Ray talks about the third commandment and how we need to be aware of how we use God’s name in our everyday lives.

Grace by Worship

Pastor Ethan talks about the second commandment and how we must worship God, as the creator, not the created images/idols of this world.

Grace By Ten

Pastor Ray kicks off the new fall series on the Ten Commandments and how God’s grace is shown through all of it.

Represent: Family

Pastor Daniel talks about what it means to represent God through our families.

Represent: Work

Pastor Ray shares about what it looks like to represent Christ through our career and the workplace that we are at.

Represent: Life

Pastor Ray talks about how we can be ambassadors and represent Christ in our whole life.

Beyond Religion: Spiritual Warfare

Pastor Wilson talks about spiritual warfare and how do we respond when we are attacked by the enemy.

Beyond Religion: True Change Beyond Religion

Pastor Ray talks about being transformed through the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit.

Beyond Religion: Hope Beyond Religion

Pastor Ray talks about how we find freedom and hope in Christ and how He releases us from bondage.

Kingdom Vision for Multiplication

Pastor Ray talks about church planting and multiplying in this world. Also, he interviews Phil & Grace Yung, as they prepare to go church plant in Vancouver.