Sermon Podcast

Invisible God: For Such a Time (Esther 4)

invisible_god_thumb God will always accomplish his plan and purpose. The question is whether we will participate in his plan for such a time as this. Pastor Ray Chang continues our “Invisible God” series with a message out of Esther chapter 4. Continue reading

Invisible God: Life is Confusing. Trust in God (Esther 3)

invisible_god_thumb When life is confusing, remember God is in control and worthy to be trusted. Pastor Ethan Hedberg continues our “Invisible God” series with a message out of Esther chapter 3. Continue reading

Invisible God: God Selects a Queen (Esther 2)

invisible_god_thumb Who’s approval are we seeking? The approval of people leads to a life of regret, but the approval of God will lead to a life of redemption. Pastor Ray Chang continues our series, “Invisible God”, with a message from Ester chapter 2.  Continue reading

Invisible God: Introduction (Esther 1)

invisible_god_thumb Everything around us shows the brushstroke of God. Pastor Ray kicks off a brand new series called “Invisible God” on the book of Esther.  Continue reading

Found: New Life

invisible_god_thumb Every one of us can be restored, not because we have the ability to restore ourselves, but because of the power of the resurrection. Pastor Ray Chang shares a special Easter message on the hope of new life through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Found: Bad News

invisible_god_thumb Pastor Ray shares a special Good Friday message on the bad news of sin and the good news of God’s restoration through Christ. Continue reading

Found: Our Ultimate Longing

invisible_god_thumb Our ultimate longing is worship. Whatever we long for is what we worship. Worship of God is the only thing that can fulfill that longing. Pastor Ray transitions from “Lost” into our “Found” series with a special Palm Sunday message.   Continue reading

Lost: The Lost Son – Part 2 (Luke 15:11-32)

invisible_god_thumb Self indulgence and self righteousness come from a core desire to be independent of God. Salvation can only be attained through repentance of both and reliance on God’s grace. Pastor Ray concludes our “Lost” series with part 2 of a message on the lost son. Continue reading

Lost: The Lost Son – Part 1 (Luke 15:11-32)

invisible_god_thumb There is nothing that God desire more than to invite  you back. Pastor Ray Chang continues our “Lost” series with part one of a message on The Lost Son. Continue reading

Lost: The Lost Coin (Luke 15:8-10)

invisible_god_thumb God looks at every human being as valuable. Pastor Daniel Wassink continues our “Lost” series with a message on The Lost Coin. Continue reading