Luke 14:1-11 – The One: How to Have a Kingdom Party

When Jesus invites us to a party, he doesn’t invite the rich and famous but the humble. He exalts the humble and humbles the exalted. Pastor Ray Chang continues our series in Luke with a message on humility and honor.

At the end of this message, Pastor Ray introduces a video. Watch it below…

Luke 13:31-35 – The One: Who Do We Weep For?

Who do we weep for? As Jesus wept for the lost, our first response must be to weep and demonstrate compassion to those who are far from God. Pastor Ray continues our series in Luke with a reminder of our calling to reflect Christ to the lost.

Luke 13:22-30 – The One: Straight and Narrow

Pastor Ray continues our series in Luke with a message on our narrow path to heaven.

Luke 13:10-21 – The One: Taste of The Kingdom

Our role as citizens of God’s Kingdom is to display God’s restoration, expand God’s rule and permeate God’s value to the world around us. Pastor Ray continues our series in the Gospel of Luke.

Luke 13:1-9 – The One: Repentance

Sometimes it is easy for us to overlook the obvious and forget that Jesus has called us to repent and strive after the Gospel. Pastor Ray reminds us of what repentance looks like in our daily lives.

Luke 12:49-59 – The One: Sign of the Times

Consider this your “Check Engine” light. How will you respond? Pastor Ethan Hedberg returns to our series in the Gospel of Luke with a message on the urgency of being right with Jesus.

Unleashing Creativity

Our challenge in 2017 is that we begin unleashing God’s creativity to fulfill our Kingdom vision as a missional, multiethnic and multiplying community. Pastor Ray Chang shares a look at Ambassador Church’s vision for the new year.

The Light: Peace in the Midst of Brokenness

When we have peace with God we have the Peace of God because Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is the ultimate peace broker. Pastor Ray Chang concludes our Christmas series, as well as 2016, with a message on peace in the midst of brokenness.

The Light: Love in the Midst of Loneliness

Perhaps we need to take a fresh look at loneliness and it’s place in our spiritual lives. Pastor Ethan Hedberg continues our Advent series with a message on the interaction of love and loneliness.

The Light: Joy in the Midst of Loss

May we find in our times of grief the undercurrent of gratitude and a sense of His shaping us, even when it hurts. Pastor Nate San continues our Advent series, The Light, with a message on finding Joy in Christ in times of grief.