Sermon Podcast

Multiply: The Wheat

Pastor Ray talks about the parable of the wheat & explains to us the problem of evil in the world and how it affects us.

Multiply: The Soil

Pastor Ray talks about the parable of the soil & seeds and reminds us how we need to be consistently walking with God & seeking His kingdom.

Multiply: Kingdom Reset

Pastor Ray talks about seeking the kingdom of God first, instead of being caught up in the worries of our lives.

Miracles: God of Power

Phil talks about the reality of the resurrection, in that Christ has risen and will make all things new, and how it is God’s power that is at work transforming our world, thus giving us hope.

Miracles: God of Presence

Pastor Ray reminds us of the presence of God in the midst of loneliness and misplaced values.

Miracles: God of Protection

Pastor Ethan talks about how God protects us so that He may use us to accomplish His purpose.

Miracles: God of Provision

Pastor Ray talks about God’s provision for us in our times of need and how we should learn to provide and give to others.

Miracles: God of Possibility

Pastor Wilson discusses how God worked miraculously in the life of Mary and how we fulfill our miraculous destiny.

Overflowing with Contentment

Pastor Ethan finishes our series on Philippians with a timely message on contentment. He shares what overflowing with contentment in the Lord looks like.

Overflowing with Peace

Pastor Ray talks about how anxiety and worries affects our life and how prayer life is important in times of struggle.